Kontent Labs was founded by James Fordham and Marc Niemes leveraging a combined 35+ years experience; implementing hundreds of learning environments, with thousands of learners and millions of courses completed.

Despite this success, they were still frustrated by the lack of engagement at the front line of organisations. Not surprisingly, they discovered that the greatest impact often came from people in organisations learning from one another. Their passion is combining the formal structure with the informal networks to create lasting impact.

Kontent Labs was created to help organisations empower and engage with their frontline staff, deliver insight to managers, satisfy customer demands and leverage suppliers information all while working in tandem with existing infrastructures.

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Need help developing your Assets?

In addition to providing the KLE platform, Kontent Labs also help clients with developing their strategic plans as well as developing physical assets (e.g. Elearning modules, Video production, Podcasts, documentation & more).

Kontent Labs Engine (KLE)

Kontent Labs Engine (KLE) is now in its third itteration and we currently have over 10,000 active partipants accessing our portal.

KLE is an all in one, holistic, fully customisable platform designed to engage audiences at all levels.

Whether you are simply wanting a controlled and safe environment to foster collaboration among peers, or providing informal and formal learning solutions - KLE is your solution.

Out of the box KLE inclusions

  1. Custom client Landing page
  2. Unlimited Groups (or cohorts/classes)
  3. Private & Public Forums
  4. Private & Public Resource library
  5. Private chat within Groups
  6. Private Events
  7. Mentor/Mentee module
  8. Learning Pathways
  9. Promotion/Ad placement
  10. Follower functions
  11. Detailed Reports & Analytics

KLE optional modules

  1. Course Player (elearning etc)
  2. Ecommerce plug in (sell subscriptions to your content or platform)
  3. Formal Assessment Engine
  4. Zoom integration (Events Module)
  5. KLE Companion Mobile Application
  6. Badges and credentialing

KLE customisation options

We can accomodate ANY request.

  • API integreation to 3rd party software (e.g. HRIS)
  • Custom Pages and Dashboards
  • Mulitple Portals/Dashboards in one
  • Custom Widgets, functions & workflows

Kontent Labs also provide unlimited Level 2 Support throughout your subscription period.

Zenith Information Systems

ZIS is a 50% shareholder of Kontent Labs along with HealthXN.

Some of our clients
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To learn more and discuss further options, please contact Marc Niemes from Kontent Labs via email

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Whilst this introduction discussion the Health industry, KLE is suitable for ALL industries.

Simple 3 step process
  1. Strategy session
  2. Implementation Plan
  3. Build & Deploy

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